"Los Tulipanes"

"Los Tulipanes"
48 X 48, oil on panel

Monday, March 14, 2011

Only one month away from this!

This is what I love.
I love getting to be surrounded by tulips, painting tulips. I love getting to meet and talk to so many people who have come to see the tulips. Most encounters are brief, we talk about tulips (I know a thing or two about tulips), we talk about the gardens at Thanksgiving Point (I can point out things you won't want to miss- for example: I can tell you where the owl nest is-- and by the way-the owl is back in her nest again-, or where the most tulips are currently in bloom, or I can tell you about the benefits of having a membership), and then we almost always talk about art.
People ask what kind of paint I am using, how long did it take to paint (this depends on how much I talk while I paint- but I love getting to talk to people while I paint), how did I learn to paint, where did I study, and then they often tell me about a family member or friend that is also artistic and ask for any advice for nurturing their artist. I have lots of ideas and suggestions about that, so I am going to start a series here on my blog that will include my advice, so check back. (I will also label these posts so you will be able to access all these posts at once on the sidebar.)

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Aaron J Watson said...

Hey, Sarah!

I love this photo of you! It's great! Sarah in her world... Hope all is well for you! I have a new blog you should check out. www.aaronwatsonart.blogspot.com