"Los Tulipanes"

"Los Tulipanes"
48 X 48, oil on panel

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A favorite quote

“The influence of art is so powerful in shaping our lives for a higher appreciation of the creations of our God that we cannot afford to neglect an acquaintance with it. We should be as eager for it's companionship in our homes as we are eager for chairs to sit upon, or for food to sustain our lives; for it has as important a mission in shaping our character and conducing to our happiness as anything we term necessities. Life is incomplete without Art.
A religious life is not an ideal religious life without it."
-John Hafen-

Monday, November 9, 2009

Un poquito de gracia

This is a little painting I recently finished, it is 4 X6 mixed media on panel (acrylic, oil, enamel, charcoal...). My goals: to love it and to have the texture be enticing.
I love it, and my daughter is right here beside me, and she says she loves it too.
" Oh! I love it, your painting is soooo pretty."

Thanks Gracie Girl.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Jake Guy

A few years ago my little brother and I went to Thailand to visit some friends, recently I was thinking about it and looking through my sketchbook from that trip. My brother brought a novel to read- I think he is sitting in an airport in Japan reading in this sketch. He was holding so still- almost begging to be sketched. I drew this in a "moleskine " sketchbook (one of my favorites), and I used the ballpoint pen that my bank hands out.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick draw

During the Thanksgiving Point Plein Air Festival this year, they added a new event- "The Quick Draw". Many festivals have this event, but it was the first time at this one. It is essentially a painting race! From blank panel to framed and ready to be judged for a prize and for sale in only 2 hours. To add to the intensity of the event, we arrived late, so I went with a smaller panel and focused on a single pink zinnia. It all worked out, no prize... but an exciting time, great company, and the painting sold! My dad on the other hand took my 2 year old to Farm Country and The Dinosaur Museum all in that same less than 2 hour time period- now that is impressive!