"Los Tulipanes"

"Los Tulipanes"
48 X 48, oil on panel

Monday, August 4, 2014

Tulip Painter Party Featuring "The Farley Family Reunion" by James Arrington

I am tickled to get to invite you all to come enjoy the wonderfully hilarious play:

The Farley Family Reunion
by James Arrington

James Arrington as "Aunt Pearl"  with one of my paintings
Plan on bringing blankets and lawn chairs and start preparing yourself for a delightful evening on

August 16th
at 519 West 880 South in Orem
this event is free, and you are welcome to bring friends and family of all ages with you.

I will also have some fabulous photo opportunities,  photo booths that will amaze you and dress ups so you can reenact your favorite characters from the show or come up with your own ideas to impress your social media fans.
Use the hashtags: #TulipPainter  #TulipPainterPhotoBooth #TulipPainterFarleyFamilyParty
so we can all check out the great photos.

I will also have a lot of my art on display, including original artwork and prints and cards for sale.  I am also working on cleaning out my studio and I will be having a studio clearance sale.

This will be a fun evening, we'll get started at
4 p.m. 
for mingling, checking out my artwork and photo booth opportunities.

"The Farley Family Reunion"
will start at 7 p.m.

This hilarious one-man comedy, written and performed by the versatile and talented James Arrington, introduces you to all the famous and funny "cousins" who come to a mythical family reunion.  You won't want to miss this performance because it is so funny, and it is actually a rare opportunity- because this show has been retired.  You can read an article about the farewell performance here.  And it's free!

this clip shows how interactive and fun this play is.

During the play, awards are passed out to the audience and I am donating some of my artwork for some of the prizes.  I think an award is usually given for who ever has traveled the furthest and things like that.  So, if you live far away, let that be your incentive as well...

It is going to be so fun, I am very excited and I hope you can come!

**an opportunity to serve**

Primary Children's Hospital is in need of the following items:
~Underwear, girls and boys, in all sizes, including adult sizes
~Xbox and PlayStation games (the older Playstation ones)
~Pajama pants in all sizes
~t-shirts in all sizes
~hair bows and head bands
I'll have a box to gather items in and a table set up with supplies to make bows, your are also welcome to contribute supplies.
Thank you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

40 New Paintings For My 40th Birthday

This year, in fact this very week, I am turning 40!

Last year at this time,  I was working hard getting ready for a solo show I had in The Springville Museum of Art.  It was a great experience, and as that show ended, I started to think what I could do next, then I decided turning 40 was the perfect excuse to have another show.  I decided I'd paint 40 new paintings.  I have tried not to limit or constrain myself, to just paint for the pure pleasure of it.  It has been great, and I've actually just enjoyed myself and painted at least 70 in the process, but I'll bring my 40 favorite, I'm also sharing another 40 favorites from the past 40 years, the paintings that have been pivotal and important in my life.  I'm even including artwork I created when I was a little girl, I'm excited to share my journey as an artist.

I am really excited about being able to hang my art up in The Startup Building, it is an awesome venue,

it is located at 560 South 100 West in Provo,

right in between University Avenue and Freedom Boulevard at the end of the FrontRunner train line, in fact, if you are coming from anywhere north of Provo- it would be a fun and convenient excuse to ride the train!  If you are driving, be aware that it will be pretty busy with The Food Truck Roundup going on, so you might even take advantage of the UTA parking lot at the train station and just walk across the street, there is also parking all around the block.   Here is the link to The Startup Building Facebook page.  The Startup Building is a really cool building, it is on the historic registry.  I found a history of the building and business you can read here.  The Startup Candy is still there, and you can even go buy candy there Monday-Thursday between 12 and 2 p.m.   Upstairs is a large, industrial space that is used for receptions, meetings and such.  I go every month to a great gathering held there that is called Creative Collaborative.  I think it will be the perfect place for my show and party,  and  it has big walls,  I'll even be able to bring the big 6 ft by 18 ft painting to the party.

The show is only one night, so plan on being there!

June 26, 2014 6-9 p.m.

I am very excited that my party and The Provo Food Truck Roundup happen to be at the same time and place.  It will make for such a great night!  If you are not familiar with The Food Truck Roundup, here is an article to help you get familiar.  We are always super excited to see the Waffle Love truck, my daughter Lucy is always especially happy to spot that one!  You can also check out their page on Facebook to keep up with all the details.  They typically will publish a list of trucks participating each week.  There are big wooden spools outside you can stand at and eat.  The Food Trucks are there from 5- 9 p.m.

My party starts at 6 pm and it is going to be awesome!
I'll have birthday cake and lemonade and plenty of art to enjoy and many of the paintings are available for purchase.  I will also have a variety of prints and cards and such for sale.

It is a kid friendly party, so bring them along!  I'll have an area with art supplies where everyone is welcome to make their own art.  My oldest daughter is a great artist and she will be showing some of her artwork.  She also has an idea of having an art show where all the artwork is on paper plates and will have paper plates there is you are interested in participating in her paper plate show.   You can check that out on Instagram and add your own #thepaperplateshow

There is also a giant chalk board wall and plenty of chalk to decorate it with.

 Photography is welcome in my exhibit, and for those who are using social media, use the hashtags #tulippainter and/or #tulippainterturns40

photo credit: Justin Hackworth

And finally, you better come say hi to me while you are there!

*you can also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest as "tulippainter"
and on Facebook as "Sarah Richards Samuelson"

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gospel Vision of the Arts Scholarship 2014

I am honored once again to be a part of The Deseret Book Gospel Vision of the Arts Scholarship.  Here is my piece in the auction and here is a link to bid on it (bidding ends this Saturday).  It was a great success last year, and I think it is a great opportunity all around, a chance to collect great original artwork and to support the arts and if you are an art student or know one, it is a great scholarship to apply for!

Here is a list of all the artist who are participating this year :

Amy Tolk Richards
Anne Marie Oborn
Annie Henrie
Ben Behunin
Ben Hammond
Brian Kershisnik
Cassandra Barney
Cortney C. Lunt
Cristall Harper
Dave Merrill
David Lindsley
Del Parson
Glenda Gleave
Howard Lyon
J. Kirk Richards
James Christensen
Jenny Elizabeth
Julie Rogers
Justin Kunz
Ken Harris
Linda Curley Christensen
Liz Lemon Swindle
Robert T Barrett
Rose Datoc Dall
Sandra Rast
Sarah Richards Samuelson
Scott Sumner
Shirley McKay Britsch
Simon Winegar
Steve McGinty

Good luck!  I hope that this reminder helps people I know get some great art and scholarships!