"Los Tulipanes"

"Los Tulipanes"
48 X 48, oil on panel

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Remembering Eden"

I have often wondered what it must have been like for Eve to experience the world outside of Eden after knowing only Eden. In Eden there was no death, so everything remained in one state without seasons. How strange and beautiful those first seasons must have been. What hope, what joy must have filled Eve’s heart when in that first spring, she saw the flowers begin to return and discovered that Eden was not gone, but that there were glimpses all around, reminding her—and all of us—that the Lord loves us and provides for us.

Seasons come and seasons go; it’s one eternal round.
And thus it is by change, true happiness is found.

The 8th International Art Competition of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opens today!
To see the exhibit click here, for a better look at my painting, click on the exhibit, then enter it, then click on "S", and mine is the 2nd one.

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