"Los Tulipanes"

"Los Tulipanes"
48 X 48, oil on panel

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eyes Wide Open Exhibit at The Springville Museum of Art

I have been so busy getting ready for this show that many other things have been neglected- including my blog.   My exhibit at the Springville Museum of art opened last night.  It was wonderful except that I feel like I didn't get to visit with so many of the people who came, I am so grateful for all of the love and support and excitement that I have been bathed in through out this process. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to share my artwork.  My sweet Uncle actually counted my paintings that are on display at the museum right now and there are 137!  I hope you can go see them!

My show will hang until November 11th.  Here are my tips for planning your visit:

Here is a link to the museum's page for planning your visit, it includes directions and also indicates that admission to the museum is FREE.  

The museum hours are: closed on Mondays, open 10-5 Tuesday through Saturday with extended hours on Wednesday night (open until 9 pm) and then on Sunday from 3-6 pm (a great time to miss traffic and have an inspiring and peaceful visit)

This show is called Eyes Wide Open and it features 4 different exhibits within the same show.

Brian Kershisnik's exhibit is awesome.  I am so excited to get to be in the same show with him.  Here is a link to his website.  There is also an exhibit from the Utah Inspirational Association and Denny Thurston a Utah Photographer.  There is also a great exhibit in the basement called Exploring Play that is a fun interactive exhibit for families and that children will especially love.  Upstairs, you will find the artwork of Walter Rane and also an exhibit that features the people and places and ideas in Utah.

If you'd like to eat while you are in Springville, my favorite local spot is the Art City Trolley  It is a great restaurant, the food is delicious the setting is fun (ask to be seated in the trolley for a unique dinning experience) and the service is always great. Here is a link to their menu.  I love the salads there, and my dad says the ribs are especially good (I'm not a big meat eater, but he is, so his opinion is valuable. Also they have very decadent desserts, so if you don't have time for a whole meal, or just want to indulge, go for dessert- the portions are big enough to be shared.  I love the carrot cake.

I have been surprised as I have been telling people about my show when they reveal where they think Springville is, many people seem to think it is very far away in central Utah, it isn't, it is just barely south of Provo.  It's really not a bad drive or inconvenient to visit- you could get there in an hour from Salt  Lake and if you go on Sunday when there is less traffic, it will be a pleasant drive worth taking.

Oh, and one more thing- the freeway signs for Springville don't say "Springville" on them! they say 1400 N and 400 S, which happens to be the road the museum is on.  They do have those brown historic signs that say Springville Museum of Art. 

I hope this information is helpful!  When you go, feel free to take photos, I love to get to see my work through your perspective!  Leave me a note here or in my book and if you post photos on facebook, make sure to tag me and if you put them on instagram, use the hash tag #SarahSMOFA  (that stands for Springville Museum of Art)  and any other hash tags you see fit.

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