"Los Tulipanes"

"Los Tulipanes"
48 X 48, oil on panel

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lucy's Birthday Gift to Primary Children's Medical Center

When Lucy turned one, she didn't celebrate like most one year olds do, she has a g tube.  I suppose I could have pureed a cupcake and put it in her tummy.  One of the things we did to celebrate was donate some of my art to Primary Children's Hospital on Lucy's behalf.  I loved that Lucy got excited about exploring it before we delivered it.

This is a  giclee print on canvas of my painting called "Not Arrayed Like One Of These".  The original is an oil painting on panel and it is about 4 feet by 8 feet.  This giclee is about half the size of the original.  
My kids love to wear the sick masks at the hospital every time they go (whether they need to or not).  We had such a fun time delivering it.  The girls couldn't believe we got to go to the hospital just for fun and not for any appointments.
I signed it:  Lucy's Mom (Sarah)

Here it is in it's final spot- the Dental Clinic (3rd floor, south end).  I was initially hoping it could go somewhere where we actually spend time in the hospital, and this wasn't one of the clinics that Lucy visited.  Ironically, she has now visited them a few times, and it looks like we will spend plenty of time here in the future.  It looks great here and everyone who works in the office loves it.  I am so glad we could do this for Lucy.


leslie said...

I loved how you signed it Lucy's mom! I've never seen so many different ways to paint tulips! You are truly talented.

Alyssa Clark said...

I used to work in the front office in the dental clinic. I remember having you come in and you would always bring us pictures of your paintings. It was so nice. Your talent is definitely worth sharing. I left before I had the chance to see the piece you donated to us hanging on the wall. So glad that you posted pictures. It looks wonderful. Thanks for donating this. Wish I could see it now.